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We are a national organisation, working with individuals and stakeholders from across the country to grow and raise the profile of basketball in the United Kingdom.

We are growing the game.

For years basketball has struggled to reach its potential that so many people speak about, so the Hoopsfix Foundation is taking on the challenge to help change that.

Through a variety of different projects, including providing resources for people on the ground, renovating outdoor basketball courts, producing research and insights into the game, developing technological innovations and holding various events, the Hoopsfix Foundation will leave a lasting legacy.

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We are raising £20,000 for the licensing fees required to release our documentary ‘Big Joe’ about the impact of Joe White on British basketball.

£20,000 towards the Joe White documentary
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  • The Hoopsfix Foundation's work in promoting and growing British basketball is invaluable to our sport and why Sportserve is more than happy with our long term partnership to help drive the game forward.

    Sportserve Will Evans, Managing Director


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Discord Community

In February 2022 we launched the Hoopsfix Foundation Discord server, an online community for people working in off-court roles to help grow British basketball. Ranging from club owners, to staff, to business owners, event organisers, content creators and coders, the 150+ strong community communicates daily, sharing lessons learned, asking questions and networking to help strengthen


The Hoopsfix Foundation, in line with its mission, performs research to develop insights and help push British basketball forward. Working with Basketball England, the Foundation contracted an independent researcher, Connor Russell, and while working with the University of Bath, is producing two pieces of funded research revolving around the importance of dedicated outdoor basketball courts

Vocational Education

One of the core roles the Hoopsfix Foundation aims to fulfil is as a facilitator and enabler. We not only have a large volunteer network that is activated across all our events, but we also work in a more formal capacity with organisations such as the University of East London to offer work placements. In

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