Hoopsfix Discord

In February 2022 we launched the Hoopsfix Foundation Discord server, an online community for people working in off-court roles to help grow British basketball.

Hoopsfix Foundation Discord

Ranging from club owners, to staff, to business owners, event organisers, content creators and coders, the 150+ strong community communicates daily, sharing lessons learned, asking questions and networking to help strengthen the game.

Already in its short existence it has connected various people, helped members get media accreditation to numerous events, aided setting up basketball clubs, shared countless sources of funding and discussed different routes to gaining sponsorship.

You can join the Discord by clicking here. For the sake of transparency, please ensure you change your name to your real name and organisation (e.g. Sam Neter | Hoopsfix), and introduce yourself in the general channel with your background and what you are hoping to learn and/or provide to the community.

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